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With every passing day, the highly anticipated Hall of Fame Outback Bowl draws closer.  #UFhatemonth hasn't managed to take off quite like #MDhateweek did, but there is time for that.  After all, there's plenty to hate about the Gators.  Which is precisely why we at JoePa's Doghouse will continue to pump out our findings from Chris "Wiki" Leak's desk drawer.

This particular document must have been very important because it was one of the few that wasn't folded like a paper airplane.  Of course, it wouldn't be authentic Florida alumni stationery if it didn't have its share of doodles and misspellings.  Well, we cleaned it up so that it wouldn't poison our educated brains. 

Now that Will Muschamp has been named Florida's new Head Coach, there is sure to be a surplus of comments about the interesting hire, so stay tuned for that.

For now, enjoy the latest from those kooky Gators...




Editor's Note:  Gators fans, don't have a cow.  Obviously, this is just a joke.

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