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Why Matt McGloin CANNOT Be The Starting QB

Michael Scott's mug

If Michael Scott were Matt McGloin, his mug would read this.

This past weekend, I was visiting friends in DC when I received some startling news.  My PSU friend grew concerned when he saw a distraught look on my face as I exited his bathroom.  When we were in school, La Bamba (burritos as big as your head!) was still around, so my friend knew what my expression meant.  Instinctively, he began looking for the Liquid Plumber.

I shook my head, and said, “No. I just got a tweet that Matt McGloin appears to be in line to be the starting quarterback.”  Undeterred, my friend grabbed the Liquid Plumber.  And 2 shot glasses…

Walk-ons from Scranton should be my favorite players on Penn State’s roster because I’m from northeastern Pennsylvania and did not get a free ride to college.  So, in that sense, I’m as accomplished as McGloin already.  Well, I don’t want to face Youngstown State in 2 weeks, and I certainly don’t want to see McGloin on the field either.  To help illustrate my concern, I’ll put my argument into terms that Scrantonians can understand.

Matt McGloin CANNOT be the starting quarterback because he’s about as fast as:

Kevin Malone

"It's like eating a hot circle of garbage." -KM

Let’s face it- our offensive line is going to be a trainwreck.  Aside from not crashing his Studebaker into me, I cannot think of a positive thing Dick Anderson has done in the last decade.  Since he’s in charge of the guards and center, it’s pretty safe to assume that Stefan Wisniewski will be the only interior lineman worth his salt.  As for the players not under Anderson’s tutelage, it’s far from a certainty that Quinn Barham or Lou Eliades is capable of being anything beyond serviceable.  Against some teams, they will hold up, but not on a schedule that includes Alabama’s Million Dollar roster Band, Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn and Broderick Binns, and Ohio $tate’s Cameron Heyward.

So, what am I getting at?  We need a mobile QB who is capable of scrambling out of drive-killing sacks.  Remember how badly our OLine was abused by the Buckeyes last year?  Well, with a pocket-passer like McGloin, we would have to limit our passing playbook to 3-step drops.  That’s not going to cut it against our tougher opponents in 2010.

Matt McGloin CANNOT be the starting quarterback because he’s about as exciting as:


C'mon guys.

That’s right.  Matt McGloin is as flashy as Dunder-Mifflin’s downtrodden HR rep.  Do you think an $EC school like Alabama would come to Happy Valley starting a walk-on at quarterback?  (Trick question- $EC teams don’t travel outside their footprint)  But, no, they wouldn’t have a 1-star in the backfield because they understand that in order to beat a team like Penn State, you have to have high potential guys at key positions like QB.  Sure, Greg McElroy isn’t Joe Namath, but look at his supporting cast.  Do we have a Heisman Trophy winning RB?  No.  Do we have a Julio Jones?  Again, no.  Do they have Dick Anderson coaching 60% of their line?  3 for 3 No, no, NO!

Starting McGloin at quarterback is saying that we think we can beat Alabama with one hand tied behind our back.  We’ll try to win by using a gameplan from the 1970s when the only "flash" on the field was a streaker.  McGloin might be the “safe bet” that’s not going to throw into double coverage and give up a pick-6.  On the other hand, he’s not going to do anything that gives us an edge on his own.

Matt McGloin CANNOT be the starting quarterback because he drinks as much as:


"I gave up drinking on the weekdays." -MP

Ok, I don’t have any proof that he’s an alcoholic.   But he is Irish.   And he is from Scranton.   Just saying…

Matt McGloin CANNOT be the starting quarterback because he has the potential of:


"Sometimes a guy has got to ride the bull. Am I right? Later skater." -CB

McGloin, like Kevin Newsome, has 3 years of eligibility remaining.  Both have 1 less year of eligibility than the highly-touted freshman twosome of Robert Bolden and Paul Jones.  It’s a foregone conclusion that Penn State will have at least a 3-year starter out of this group of quarterbacks.   So, why delay the inevitable?  Does anyone really think that McGloin is going to be the starter next year or 2012?  Thanks to some nice recruiting classes, those years will feature stacked rosters.  Combine that with more manageable schedules, and the future looks bright.  That means that 2010 is the year for the QB of the future to cut his teeth.  Every single snap that McGloin takes contributes to potential losses down the road.

In closing, Matt McGloin CANNOT be the starting quarterback because it’d be as big a disaster as:

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

"Guys, I think my friend might have a drug problem." -RH

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  1. Yes, I agree. I remember once one of those former walk-ons caught a pass…and the next thing you knew he was on the cover of SI.

  2. i love pocket passers. quit lettin’ them run around!

  3. The person who wrote this has no clue. I could tell you one thing, don”t try to walk on as a sports writer because you have got no shot. What a fool!

  4. Hating those wearing yellow since 2010! Even if you didn’t have that on your homepage, I could have still guessed that this pile of trash you call a website is in its first year. I can almost guarantee this will be your only year because you keep producing absolute garbage day after day. I enjoy searching for websites like this one where you have scum, low life writers (for lack of a better word), bashing kids from behind a keyboard in their mother’s basement when they get home from their day jobs.
    I do have to agree with you however, that pocket passers can’t cut it. Just ask USC, Alabama, Oklahoma and Florida – schools who generally use pro-style, pocket passers and are in the Top 10 annually and ask the 8 of the last 10 national champions who used pocket passers.
    Give me a break with PSU and the spread offense. Clark ran for 200 yards last year, with most of his rushing touchdowns going for less than 5 yards. That’s hardly what you call a spread offense.
    McGloin has a scholarship, he’s no longer a walk -on and Joe Paterno has only been the head coach for almost 45 years and has nearly 400 wins, so I’m sure he has no clue what he’s doing if he picks McGloin as the starter – maybe we should let the guy with a laptop and wireless internet running a website from his bedroom make the QB decision.

    • you got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HNT3412, I’m not even going to get into it with you, because you seem like a guy who thinks he’s a football coach. I could write all day about what you are wrong about, but I don’t feel like wasting my time on you. First off, you’re confusing a dual-threat quarterback with the spread offense. The Indy Colts and Super Bowl Champion Saints run the spread offense, as well as the FLORIDA GATORS – a team that you say doesn’t. Urban Meyer’s offense is the spread. Those other schools you speak of run a mixture of the pro-style and spread.
      8 out of the last ten national champions? Uh… Texas, Florida, LSU, Florida. That’s four out of the last five years that the national champion has run the spread offense, and the spread didn’t become popular until after vince young beat USC with it. If Colt McCoy hadn’t been injured last year, it would have been 5 out of the last 5.
      Matt McGloin will always be a walk-on. Why? Because he had to walk on to the team to be on the team.
      Don’t argue with someone by making up statistics and using your own deluded analysis on the subject matter. It makes you seem like a dumbass. I think the article is entertaining, which is probably what the author was going for.
      To be truthful, I feel the exact same way. McGloin cannot do anything that the other guys can’t do, and playing him would only take away from the future starters progression.

  5. It drives me insane that people think that the opening day starter needs to be the starter for the next 3 years. The opening day starter needs to protect the ball and make good decisions. If he can do that I don’t mind him starting the first few games until Bolden asserts himself as the BOMC.

  6. It seems to me that the same moron left basically the same comment under different names. Prediction; if McGloin starts, by week three, many PSU fans will be searching for somethig to do on Saturday afternoons. It will get that ugly! How many more years do we have to watch respectable QB talent get wasted?

    Hey Jay, at least our QB’s can find work in the CFL.

  7. how could you possibly say all this crap………………..u obviously know nothing.

    • Rowlff Dogg stirred up some shit.

      What’s funny is, before we could even post a skit about PSU fans bickering with each other, it happens in the comments section. Should only make that running gag better when we get around to it.


  9. As a mother and grandmother I am happy to say that I have taught my children more respect and manners than you have in your little finger. Maybe you should tell us all that you have acomplished and in turn we can tell you what a failure you are. Grow up. You could not shine Matt Mcgloins shoes.

  10. I don’t know, PSU seems to have a pretty good track record with unheralded walk-ons from northeastern PA. Does the name Ethan Kilmer ring a bell?

  11. Ethan Kilmer? Nearly 30 years ago my friend and way before the current QB coach started the downslide. I like Jay, but his track record with good propsects is terrible. Besides, college football is not the game it was 30 years ago.

  12. I’m from Scranton but agree with your conclusion but take issue with parts of your reasoning. What does it matter if he was one star or 5 stars. That is irrelevant and shouldn’t have been brought up. Does he do the job or not. As for protecting the ball, he is the worst of the three. 2 interceptions in the BW game and you couldn’t even rough the passer. We need a mobile QB, and with our OL we need it bad. Like or not Newsome has to start and maybe Bolden later. Incidentely, Newsome was 4 stars , Bolden was 4 BUT Jones was 5. (Scout).

  13. Ethan Kilmer played 5 years ago, not 30. He was on the 2005 team.

  14. i like your stuff. some people just like to bitch and start retarded arguments. so keep posting

  15. Wow…….give McTenderloin a chance. He may just be good.

  16. Depth chart says it all… more to come on Tuesday
    11 Matt McGloin (6-1, 209, Jr/So) OR
    12 Kevin Newsome (6-2, 225, So/So) OR
    1 Robert Bolden (6-3, 221, Fr/Fr
    10 Paul Jones (6-3, 239, Fr/Fr)

  17. Good post. I hope this is re-visited mid-season.

  18. Well, this author clearly does not have a clue. While, Robert Bolden did look good so far and may be the correct choice for the future. I emphasize may. This two-bit hack has no clue what he is talking about concerning Matt’s talents and he has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to Kevin Newsome. McGloin is clearly the best thrower on the team. He has the strongest and most accurate arm. Further, I would love to see this author race him, it would be quite hilarious because Matt is much faster than what is often perceived. Hey author what did you look at his appearance and make an assumption that he is slow. I am sure that is exactly what you did because you are not a reporter or columnist but just some loser in his basement making comments without any prior research. I think the best thing that can be done here is that everyone stops reading this moron before he actually gains notoriety.

  19. I think this may be the worst article ever written. I think you look like a complete idiot right now the way the season has been going with their choice of quarterback. I think joe himself would stand 3-2 so far this season and the 6 total points that bolden has put up in there only 2 real games is awful. Good call on them needing a running quarterback like bolden with his maybe 30 rushing yards on the season. Never mind Newson who is jay’s pet on the team and gets a new chance every week to redeem himself as he just continues to get worse week after week. Maybe you should get out your mothers house and watch what is going on right now with psu instead of trying to act like a reporter which you have wet dreams of being every night.

  20. Hahahahahaha!!! You loser! Did u see tonites game? In the immortal words of Ron White “next time you have a thought….let it go”

  21. Yo, Dunder-Mifflin D-Bag…

    PSU 41 – Michigan 31, Matt McGloin…uh, Matt McGloin from Scranton, 17/27 for
    2 fiddy with a TD passing and another one rushing. Uh, Matt McGloin. Yeah, the guy you wrote the freaking thesis about…Dipshit! Would you like kielbasa or Old Forge pizza, as a side dish with your crow?

  22. Last night is why Matt McGlioin Should be PSU’s starting QB.

  23. you must feel like a complete moron

  24. Your an idiot. Matty is a good kid who had to work harder than any of those other quarterbacks to get where he is. He is living his dream of playing for Joe paterno at Penn state. Your a jackass for disparaging him. So did Kirk herbstreit and matty called him out on it like he should have. Keep running your mouth and he will keep shutting it for you. Also as a young Irishman from west Scranton I find it offensive that you classify us all as alcoholics. I wonder what would have happened if you made the same assumption and phrased it the same way about the other two quaterbacks and their ethnic backround….

  25. 250 Yards and 2 TDS

    Why May McGloing SHOULD be Penn State’s Starting Quarterback

    • Do we want to play this game?

      Zach Frazer, UConn – 205 yards
      ND’s QB pupu platter – 381 yards
      Havens, UMass – 22/29 222 yards, 2 tds
      Chappell, Indiana – 480 yards, 3 tds
      Kirk Cousins, MSU – 18/25 284 yards
      Ricky Stanzi, Iowa – 17/24 248 yards, 3 tds

      Every QB plays well versus a Michigan defense that might be one of the all-time worst in Big Ten history.

      While I love the twitter caricature we helped to spawn, Bolden is our present and future.

      • And let me add, Bowling Green missing their starting QB threw for 251.

        • Let me get this straight you are comparing Matt McGloin to: Ricki Stanzi, Kirk Cousins, and Dane Crist.

          Well, now you are starting to make some sense. Ricki Stanzi and Kirk Cousins are leaders of teams with two losses combined. Also, Dane Crist was a 5 star recruit coming out of high school and is extremely talented. SO thanks for pointing out the Matt McGloin should be named along side of those Quarterback. That is a very good point.

          Thank for proving my point!

        • Also, correction. Pankratz threw for 231 not 251 and he threw an interception. You are a joke.



  27. you are so right, all people disagreeing are obviously mcgloins mother/grandma. you should stop by Scranton someday, i bet they already put up a sign saying “welcome to west Scranton, home of matt mcgloin” i bet he was also on the cover of the times, the sports section, the classifieds,lifestyles,probibly even the paper shop.

  28. Another ridiculous comment from a “No Nothing”. Congrats Matt on Penn State’s victory against Michigan. And what about that PERFECT pass to Moyne for a TD against Northwestern. Down 21-0 and now tied at 21!!! Let’s go PSU and JoePa!!!!!!!

  29. 4 unanswered comeback TD’s, no INT’s, 225 yds. and counting today? Well you’re wrong, Bolden is booty and McGloin is the guy.

  30. Hilarious blog, and NICE WORK TODAY McGLOIN!!

  31. Looked pretty solid tonight..if he he doesn’t get the start against osu it will be Penn states biggest mistake..bolden is too young and makes terrible choices..mcgloin is accurate and a sharpshooter

  32. Obviously you three bloggers are idiots. The first time I saw Matt McGloin play – I thought to myself – wow – who is this kid – he is good! Why hasn’t be been starting all along?!?!?…..his throws are very accurate, he makes great decisions, knows how to read a defense……obviously an intelligent kid that can make plays…

    Then I found out the reason he had not been starting – he’s a walk on – and all the other highly touted scholarship players were given first chance

    Well, in my book, Matt should be PSU’s qb from now til he graduates. The other kids may be better true athletes, but Matt is PSU’s best at qb. What sets hijm apart from the others is his demeanor, intelligence, decision making and ability to read defenses.

    He is darn good and only will get better.

  33. Wow. McGloin 4 TDs vs. Northwestern. Brings them back from 21 down. This kid is good and getting better every opportunity he gets. You can see this offense steps it up a couple of notches when he leads it. Royster AND Redd both going over 100yds. Who woulda thunk the running game would produce like that a few games ago? Excellent work by the much maligned offensive line. I think this offense just likes playing for McGloin and has a lot of confidence in his leadership.

  34. Mcgloin had 4 TD’s last night =)

    I think this blog needs an edit

  35. Matt McGloin has led Penn State to three victories it probably would not have had, including the biggest win of JoePa’s career. Stats mean nothing if you’re losing big games like you were with your, and I quote, “present and future.” As a hater, I’m quite sure you’ll have a comeback to this comment, because haters will always find some reason why everything McGloin has done just isn’t enough. Let’s see will it be Northwestern’s defense this time as it was for Michigan? Or maybe it will be all about how his arm isn’t strong enough, he isn’t tall enough, and he wasn’t a “STAR RATED QB.” Maybe that’s true, but let me tell you, prior to McGloin’s entrance to the Northwestern game, you could have heard a pin drop in a stadium of more than 100,000 people. Blame it on whatever you want, but as you’re formulating your BS response, remember who’s leading your team, and winning games in a season that was all but lost three weeks ago.

  36. I came across this article this am 11/07/2010
    Three games do not make aseason, but you must be getting alot of emails today

  37. How do you like me now!!!!!!!!

  38. You might be from NEPA, but you obviously watch too much tv and know absolutely NOTHING about Scranton, and even less about Matt McGloin…….so now that he gave JoePa his 400th win, with 5 consecutive TD drives…..are you eating your words yet?………and maybe a little crow with them?……because you definitely should be!

  39. Don’t you hate it when someone makes you look like as much of an idiot as you do now that Matt McGloin gave JoePa his 400th win! you obviously watch too much tv and don’t know anything about Scranton….or Matt McGloin…….he clearly knows how to get the job done!

  40. As far as unexciting quarterbacks go how about this:
    John Schaeffer = National Championship!
    Most people can’t even name the qb from the ’86 National Championship team.

  41. Just what do you have against Matt McGloin?? Three games, three big ten victories, seven touchdown passes, Joepa’s 400th in a come from behind win for the record books. But really, they ought to do something about these walk-ons, it is ruining this blog’s illusion of reality. Maybe we can talk Matt into transferring to Texas or Florida so he can turn things around down there. Just kidding Matt – congrats on the impressive stats !!!


  43. You have no idea what you are taking about. What other mobile QB would we put in. Bolden sucks at it and Newesome hasn’t played at all. Also, McGloin is clearly qualified to start this game. If you are on a D1 football team, especially in the big ten, then you can play ball. If he wasn’t qualified to play the game then he wouldn’t be on the Penn State roster. He has proved himself during the Minnesota game, Michigan game, and the Northwestern game. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  44. Them’s a lot of words to eat.

  45. HEY GUYS!

    See what happens when McGloin plays a real team? And please don’t come in here telling me Michigan and NU are quality teams this year. If you are, our standards have sure gone down hill.

    • 13-18 for 151 in the first half.

      And then Paterno and company went into their conservative play-calling, putting McGloin in terrible third and long situations, where McGloin the competitor that he is, tried to put the offense on his back and win the game, but without a run game and poor play calling he had no chance. Overall, i think it was a good performance.

  46. I was getting flashbacks of Morelli during the game today, but then again Morelli actually WON the Outback Bowl……

  47. Why transfer? McGloin has no chance next yr – I hate transfers – stick it out and prove you are the man for the job – Jones will be the QB

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