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Despite an abnormally large accrusion zone, the residents of JoePa’s Doghouse love to run out and get the mail.  Over time, we’ve gotten some good questions that we figured we’d eventually address.  Now is that time.

I don’t get to as many home games as I would like, but I’ve read a lot of debates about Penn State’s gameday atmosphere.  What do you think about it?  Is it getting stale as I have seen suggested?  What would you do to improve the in-stadium atmosphere?

Eric P
Chantilly, VA

The Underdogs

Option a) add a metal-detector-like "mood-o-meter" at every gate to minimize the amount of cranky, bitchy know-nothing alumni that populate the stadium and yell inanities like "get'im Jimmy" and boo quarterbacks whose names don't rhyme with schmorelli.  Sit in the west bleachers?  This is probably you.  As much as any team I've ever seen, the Penn State football team seems to rise and fall with the energy of the crowd, which is all too often negative.  Were you at the Iowa '09 game?  The unease coursing through the crowd despite a 1st quarter lead seemed to ensure the inevitability of another loss to the corn-fed fightin' roid ragers.

Option b) Ban orange camo.

Option c) mandatory mustache day.

J Schnauzer

Tone down the light show. I hate all of the running banners they've recently added everywhere. It's a distraction and makes it look more like a basketball arena. Leave them up for timeouts, halftime, and pregame if you like--just turn those off during the pace of play.

Rowlff Dogg

Technically, The Underdogs disparaging remarks towards the West fans no longer apply to me since STEP has relocated me to the north end zone.  Although I’m glad to be in a more vibrant section, I will miss the “Gran Torino” atmosphere of WC.

Anyhow, I would greatly reduce the amount of piped in music.  This is college football, not the pre-packaged, sterile NFL.  Let the band be the musical highlight, not a checklist of sing-a-longs that belong in a bar at 1:00 AM.

Also, unplug the advertising board.  The ribbon board is a great way to keep fans informed of in-game statistics and out of town scores.  Unfortunately, it is used almost exclusively to brainwash the fans with non-stop reminders of the sponsors who paid for it.

Lastly, the team needs to come out to Lamb of God’s ”Walk With Me In Hell.”  It’d be tremendously intimidating.

You sure complain about Penn State’s out-of-conference scheduling a lot.  I’m not saying you’re wrong- clearly it could be a lot better.  In an ideal world, what team(s) would you like to see Penn State play a home-home series with?

Parts Unknown

The Underdogs

Texas.  One for selfish reasons in order to attend.  And two, Texas will need somebody to schedule once the rest of the cowardly lions in the small 12 find the courage to stand on their own two feet after they realize Texas's plan to move the lot of them into the servants' quarters in the back by the oak tree.

J Schnauzer

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. VaTech is such a natural non-conference game, a very easy distance for both teams to travel, have different tactical philosophies, and they've NEVER played. It's stunning bad that they can't get something worked out. You can also add the footnote that Beamer and Paterno are the two longest-tenured coaches in NCAA Football.

Rowlff Dogg

Someone different.  My top picks would be LSU, Ole Miss, Colorado, and Oregon.  If we must keep it in the northeast corridor, I’d love home-homes with Army and Navy, provided we actually play them at West Point and Annapolis respectively.  None of this “neutral” crap.  I want to visit those historic campuses.

Simple question: will this be Joe’s last year?

Lewis C
Duryea, PA

The Underdogs

Of course not.  He seems to have found his second, nay, 82nd wind and I don't think it is for one last swan song.

J Schnauzer

No. Although I don't watch UFC, it appears as though Joe Rogan is a very good color commentator. Let the fans get the coverage they deserve. I say sign him up to a long term contract.

Wait.  You meant Joe Paterno?  Please. The only way I would lean towards this being his last is if the actuarial tables indicated it.

Rowlff Dogg

Not a chance.  I don’t ever see this thing ending.

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  1. I really Like the Doghouse questions…..a good way to become interactive with the readers…………..I have the usual “dumb” questions that I will leave unpublished……..Keep up the great work!

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