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Alternate Third Kits for PSU

Premier League Kit Sets - Liverpool

Some of you may know that I've picked up a new drug habit to replace all of my old ones.  This particular one however actually might drive me to fits of insanity and prone to violent outbursts.  It is following premier league soccer.  And like any new fascination, there are plenty of intricacies to learn, explore, and investigate.  Without turning this and the comments into a "soccer is a pussy sport, commie fag" or other similar ignorant vituperance, the point is not about soccer.  In fact, this post could be rooted in any sport.

In this particular case, it is the curious case of the third kit.  Unlike in the NFL or other American sports preferring for either throwbacks or another color within the team's brand as an alternate uniform beyond the typical home/road sets, the premier league clubs usually have a third kit that clashes quite a bit with the other two uniforms.  I have no sense of the history of this nor the rationale beyond a guess that if you're first two uniforms don't contrast the opponent's uniform colors enough, better have something far different.

So with this curiosity, I posed the question to the PSU twitterati:  what might PSU's colors be if there was a mandatory third "kit?"

The consistency of the responses (two) made up for the lack of volume.  As did the logic.  PSU is known for its rigidity in sticking to its traditions.  And would would be more traditional than bringing back the school's first colors before soap and water faded the colors into those deep, dark blues and bleached whites we know today?

So, we at JoePa's Doghouse were lucky enough to find some willing models for potential new uniforms not from the school of Nike battle gear obnoxiousness.

No hit reds

Rob Bolden in the QB "no-hit" reds.  I rather like the color contrast with the blue and white.  A bit of Americana.  Unfortunately, there are too many red teams in the B1G.  About 5 too many.  Or if I'm to jump the gun on Nebraska hate week, just one too many.  But that would be disingenuous.  I'd actually mean that team from next door who belongs in the SEC.

Auxiliary positivity:  opponents used to the mental implication of QB's in red, might leave ours be to pick apart their defense.  Or in the other case, to fire moxielicious beebees into the gracious waiting hands of their secondary.

Chaz Powell dons alternate blues

I have a predilection for the baby blues.  My boyhood basketball team was UNC.  My premiership team is Tottenham whose base colors mirror PSU's but alternates tend towards including the baby blues.  However, this color might not stray far enough from our brand to fit the protocol of this exercise.

Auxiliary Positivity: Opponents might think we're UNC and that we're missing starting football players for accepting impermissible benefits, thereby playing half-heartedly against us.

Michael Robinson sports the preferred alternate homes

We keep the requisite falling down blocker in the background not to contrast new with old uniform, but to remind us that the world is still on its axis.  All is well and our linemen are still missing blocks leaving the talented to skip into the secondary and the less so to be squashed like a pumpkin on mischief night.

Auxiliary Positivity:  rebrands pink as badass.

DC in the pink roads

Or if you prefer solid colors on the road unis, how about

Pinkberry, preferred by dogs as last meal since 2011

This post was brought to you without any journalist provided quotations.

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  1. I have also caught the soccer bug and I’m an MLS season ticket holder–something beyond unthinkable even three years ago.

    I like the duel blues, but this all seems vaguely Oregon and therefore Communist.

  2. the original colors for PSU were black and dark pink, so this is actually an historical uniform.

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