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2011 PSU Preview: Big Games

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University Park isn’t Hogwarts, but it’s pretty darn sweet in the fall

Only 10 more days!!!! With single digits on the horizon, the dogs are shaking off the fleas and getting down to business.

Which single game is most critical to Penn State's season being a success?

J Schnauzer:
How many times has the last game altered the complexion of Penn State's season? There have been a half dozen times Penn State has earned or blown a BCS bowl berth in the final game. The Spartans were the perfect foil or muse in the Lions season (bring back John L. Smith plz). Now the Spartans have been replaced for the time being with Wisconsin, a historically tougher club, and PSU plays them in Madison this year. The final game is one that no longer allows for excuses of inexperience. A win could propel the Lions to Indianapolis, a loss could send them back to the Gator Bowl. In terms of success and prestige, this is the big one for me.

The Underdogs:
Monkey, please get off our back. They aren't in our division, but a win over Iowa would add confidence and get our conference schedule off on the right foot.

Rowlff Dogg:
Ohio State.
As division mates, Ohio State is the measuring stick now more than ever. Clearly the Buckeyes have been the cream of the crop this past decade, and the only way for Penn State to make its mark in this league is to consistently beat the best. Now that OSU is damaged goods, it is imperative that we take another game in Columbus and give ourselves a chance to finally win 2 in a row against them. This new-ish rivalry has a chance to be as important and sexy as the SEC East’s Tennessee-Florida games used to be. We simply can’t afford to make it as lopsided.

That said, which 1 game would you most like to win?

J Schnauzer:
Ohio State.
As much as I'd love to beat the Crimson Tide, at least it could be (meekly) explained away. O$U, with all of its turmoil and coupled with the missed opportunity last year to upset them, is the one game that will irritate me for years if PSU blows it in Columbus.

The Underdogs:
Since I already included Iowa above, I guess I can't include them here. Honestly, they could easily occupy both. Tired of losing to those 'roided up wannabe Steelers. Instead, we'll include 'Bama. Good has to triumph over evil occasionally right? I mean, we do beat O$U every couple of years. The world expects us to lose to the indomitable SEC. It would be nice to flip the script a bit and get a little notoriety for doing so.

Rowlff Dogg:
From a national standpoint, this would resonate the loudest by far. It would immediately vault Penn State into the national championship picture and give them the recognition that no single Big Ten win could. Also, it would be fun to show the rest of league how to win on a big stage for once. Oh, and I’d love to hear the Paul Finebaum Show that following Monday!

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  1. My last visit to this site will be my first! Or something like that! Sincerely, BSD

    Seriously, Iowa has to be the big game until we actually win it, doesn’t it? I want to beat them even more than Ohio State these days.

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