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2011 Underdog Rally Starts the Season Needing a New Computer

Let's see if I make it through this post without launching said laptop off the 19th story terrace onto unsuspecting bystanders waiting for the train below. What is it about cars, computers, and quarterbacks that makes them so easy to replace logistically, but impossible to let go of and make the switch emotionally even after several digital pick sixes all up in my face? Particularly red laptops with lots of moxie.

The Underdog Rally is back! A fun little game to provide some emotionally vested interest without wagering actual money.

Here are the rules:

You must 1) pick an underdog for a game during the weekend (negative points (-6.5) means favorite) 2) put it in the comments - it must register in the comments section before kickoff of the game in question 3) list the points (so I don't have to look them up again - this is critical) 4) it can't be a game already picked, meaning no two people pick the same game (and the dogs pick first - call it home field advantage) and 5) if your underdog beats the spread you get the amount of points from the spread so bigger underdogs can pay off handsomely, however you get double points for a win outright.

Also, this season we will be using the lines from the link I attach (aqui), and the spreads we use will come from the Legends odds (cuz, duh.  Namesake and all).  The Legends lines also don't provide spreads for games vs 1AA teams and we here at JPDH don't recognize those games as legitimate.  Get your picks in quick before somebody else grabs your game:

Doghouse Picks:

  • The Underdogs: Utah State +23 - Call it shadenfreude for an ill-deserved national title (which ones aren't these days?).  We hate hangovers and hope Auburn has a Cam-less hangover.
  • JSchnauzer:  Minnesota +23 vs. USC - If anybody playing happens to pick a 1AA team, no need to feel embarrassed as JSchnauzer already tried twice.
  • RowlffDogg: Buffalo +31 - The Bulls are not intimidated by the echos of an empty Heinz Field and spoil Todd Graham's debut.  Somewhere, Mike Haywood laughs.

Current Standings:


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  1. I’ll start this the right way: By picking against Wisconsin!

    UNLV +34.5

  2. Miami (Ohio) +21

  3. I will stay with my username from last year as RoBo should be the starter now and will be by week 2 … so …. San Jose ST. +30.5

  4. Arkansas State +21

  5. If there’s any game left I’ll take it! I totally missed this!

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