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PSU-Indiana Drinking Game

lost weekend

1’s too many and 100’s not enough

If you’re headed to the boring state of Indiana to watch JoePa do his best Tony LaRussa bullpen impersonation, then, well, you might need a drink.

After a week to warm up, let’s come out firing for the Big Ten opener! Also, please feel free to suggest additional drinks as the game goes on.

As these or other pre-determined drinks occur, tweet ‘em and hashtag #DrinkTheJayAway


Whenever “Coach Mauti” shows more enthusiasm than the rest of our staff.

For every Bob Knight reference.

Every time Damarlo Belcher is mentioned, refer to Zane Lamprey's Rule #4

For anything that Shane McGregor (#TeamHaggis) or Garrett Venuto does.


Every time that JoePa’s facial expression matches how you feel about the state of the program.


If a Penn State reverse goes for more than 5 yards.

If Rob Bolden completes a screen pass.


Sarah Chalke. She plays Bella’s mother in the Twilight series. Therefore, anything Twilight related that you see/hear on Saturday results in a social.


If James Terry scores a touchdown.

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  1. Everyone should do a social for me when the game starts as I have to take the LSAT’s. #FMe #DrinkTheJayAway

  2. Your Famous alumnus is IU grad Sarah Clarke.
    Sarah Chalke is the girl from Scrubs.

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