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Blog War 2012: Black Shoe Dairies

black shoe diaries

That's right, I said "Dairies"

Last week on Twitter, the seeds of a Penn State blogs war were planted.

An epic battle to be waged on Blue-White weekend was hinted at.

Mrs Rowlff Dogg took it a step further by suggesting the lone competition be to see who can pick up the most chicks.  Apparently she doesn’t remember that she fell under the spell of this blogger way before moms’ basements and html code were cool.

Never one to back down from a fight, the doggs at JoePa’s Doghouse have dug up some unflattering information about our friends enemies over at Black Shoe Diaries.

Sure their Penn State blog is great if you like a website that updates constantly, loads fast, and smells good.  But go beyond that and you’ll see a diabolical secret plan for world domination.

First, loyal reader, ask yourself: why do you visit Black Shoe Diaries?  Do they have pictures of hot chicks?  No.  Do they give stock tips that can make you money?  No.  Do they entertain you with silly Photoshopped images and endless droning about incompetent PSU Athletic Directors?  Puh-lease.

So, why do you give them a hit day after day after day?  Because you drink milk.  That’s why.

black shoe diaries

BSD guys are mean to animals

You see; the loveable guys such as Chris, Jeff, and Mike at BSD have a secret side operation that has led to their enormous success on the interwebs.  It is called “Black Shoe Dairies.”  Its mission is simple: lace the country’s milk supply with a special brainwashing formula that turns consumers into zombies who mindlessly log onto their site.

Now that you have been filled in on the evil truth behind the blogging behemoth Black Shoe Diaries, the onus is squarely on you, cherished reader.  Keep total control of your mind.  Stop drinking milk.  Stick to beer and stay away from the cow-manipulators over at that other site/farm.

walking dead

Don't be a BSD zombie. Be like Rick Grimes.

JoePa's Doghouse may not have the name recognition of Black Shoe Diaries.  We may not have the phone numbers of high school boys that Black Shoe Diaries does.  Our name was not derived from an erotic television show like Black Shoe Diaries.  But we've got something that they'll never have: integrity.  We didn't have to dupe anyone into fandom with tainted dairy products.  We've earned all 24 of our regular viewers with top-notch journalism and witty one-liners.

So, "moooo"-ve over BSD.  These doggs aren't going to "cow"-er at your success!

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  1. My God this is fantastic

  2. How dare you accuse us of doing anything with dairy except putting it in a stout.


  4. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing man fantastic post. I really enjoyed the post, it just refresh my mind. The main attraction of this post is the cow wearing Nike shoes. Thanks :)

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