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Why I Hate Nellie From The Office

the officeAnyone who pays a lick of attention to my Thursday night tweets knows that I despise Robert California.  He has single-handedly drained all the humor and entertainment out of my beloved program, The Office.  In the past, there have been some characters that you loved to hate such as Charles, annoying Ryan, and psycho Jan.  But no one has made me want to change the channel quite like James Spader’s atrocious character.

Apparently trying to sink to uncharted depths, The Office has now added someone who rivals Robert as my most hated character of all time: Nellie Bertram (played by Catherine Tate).

Why do I hate her so much?  She adds nothing to the show, her presence takes away everyone else’s camera time, and she is British which is why she isn't the least bit funny.

And those are just her personal handicaps.  Consider what the character Nellie shoves in our face on a weekly basis.

  • Nellie took a job that wasn’t hers and refuses to give it up.

  • Nellie is completely unqualified for the job she has (stole).

  • Nellie is a member of the Good Ol Boys’ Society. (She only got a job at Sabre because she is friends with owner Jo Bennett)

  • Nellie thinks she’s the smartest person in the room and she lets everyone know it.

Come to think of it, Nellie Bertram reminds me of someone at Penn State.

Hmmm, who can it be???

penn state

What? You don't think I'm the smartest person in the room?

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  1. Nellie was the final straw on the office. I thought Robert California had potential (his job interview was hysterical) but “Nellie” is worse than Michael’s relationship with that really annoying woman whose name I fortunately no longer remember. And I thought that was the worst thing ever. The Office has gone from not really funny anymore, to certifiably awful.

    • Whenever there are scenes without Robert or Nellie, The Office is funny. The rest of the cast is well-established as has a great rapport.

      There were some hate-able characters in the past. You mention Jan who was great until she went psycho. Charles was terrible, but at least his hatred of Jim was funny. Ryan has episodes of being an idiot, but they were always funny. Then there was the droopy bee-yotch from Stamford who breastfed her kid at her desk, but she was only in 2-3 episodes.

      Beyond that, I can’t think of anyone else that was lousy. It took 8 years for the show to have a completely unwatchable character. And now they have 2.

      • California’s not unwatchable – they just don’t write him well most of the time. He’s had some bits I enjoyed.

        I have enjoyed absolutely zero minutes of Nellie.

  2. ok first of all shes not funny because shes british? really thats just pathetic. and catherine tate is a great person and a great actor. and shes pretty funny. personaly i think shes a good adition to the office.

    • She can be fricking Meryl Streep, but that character was awful, it was mean, unfunny, her apparition was completely inexplicable, everyone of her scenes were just pitiful or a plethora of random unfunny words. The creators of the show may love that actress, but they wrote an awful character for her and because of them now I hate her. And I have never seen a british person being funny, and I am not even american.

  3. She was so awful that I actually enjoyed how mean Andy was to her in season 9.

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