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Joke Week: Illinois

risky business

"Looks like University of Illinois!"

Hey Illinois coaches, didn’t we see you over the summer? You sure look familiar. Was that you sucking down some cold ones at Chumley’s?

As much as we appreciate your patronage, we appreciate even more your lousy “recruiting” effort. Also, I will say this: your actions gave this post some additional material!

Anybody hear any good Illinois jokes lately....

Why does Dick Anderson like the Illinois coaching staff?

Because he’s no longer the worst recruiter ever to set foot in State College.

What do you call a good football team in Illinois?


What do you call a Jeopardy host who encourages his writers to steal trivia from rival game shows?

Alex “Tre-Beckman”


What is lousy football team?

Why can’t you get Domino’s pizza in Champaign?

Because of the Illi-Noid.

What do you call it when Bill the Science Guy develops a cataract?

Ill eye Nye

What do you call it when the Galloping Ghost trots off to southern California?

”Redd” Grange

What do you call a quarterback that plays for every team in the Mexican Football League?

Jeff Jorge

Hehehehehe....Dick Butkus

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