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Joke Week: Northwestern

Harold and the Purple Crayon

How "Northwestern" was born

After an easy week of Illinois humor, Northwestern proved surprisingly tough to make jokes about. This week, I called in for reinforcements. J. Schnauzer stepped up to the plate with 3 doozies.

Don't worry. We'll use the bye week to come back stronger than ever with some Iowa yuks.

Anybody hear any good Northwestern jokes lately....

(J. Schnauzer) How do you drive to Northwestern?

Go down 21, then ask Matt McGloin to get you up 35.

What do you call it when the players on the Wildcat sideline lose their voices?

All Quiet on the Northwestern Front

What do you call a gull in Seattle?

A northwest tern.

What team puts the “Big” in Big Ten?


sex and the city

Now that's good acting!

(JS) Why does Ryan Field gleam on fall Saturdays?

Because of the sunshine reflecting off the empty seats.

(JS) How is Matt McGloin vs Northwestern like a bad Presidential debate?

He’ll lay out 35 points, but the Wildcats won’t answer back.

What do you call a Sergio Leone film about bad football?

A spaghetti Northwestern

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