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Requiem for a Tailgate?


Early March seems like a good time for the first post of 2013, eh?

Truth be told, things have been very hectic in the Doghouse lately.  Not so much from a blog standpoint, but in a real life standpoint.

A few weeks ago, Mrs Rowlff Dogg landed a big promotion that is moving us to enemy territory.  Michigan to be exact.  We will be joining the likes of @PSUMatt2005 and @DAWalenga in the Penn State takeover of The Great Lakes State.

So what does this mean to you, loyal reader?  First of all, it means that my posts will be few and far between over the next few months.  Fear not, for Twitter will serve as my outlet for hatred, sarcasm, Rodney Erickson jokes, and Walking Dead observations.

When we broke the news to family and friends, we hadn’t told anyone about the interview, thus our relocation came as a shock.  Naturally, the question about Pellagate’s future came up.  Actually, it came up pretty quickly.  Like, “do you only care about our tailgate?” kind of quickly…

@UTrain_vgo declared Pellagate was “dead” upon learning of our move via text.  While his prediction has Pellagate on life support, there is hope.  Veterans such as himself, @t_money495, and @joeyp42 have the experience, dedication, and vehicles to make it work.  Of course, our house in Bellefonte made life a lot easier for those oft-travelled road warriors.  Family members such as @ShawnGuinan, his parents, and my parents also are up to the task.  They’re well-versed in what goes into a typical Pellagate and most importantly, they’re capable of getting up early enough to make it happen.  @tgiannetta, not so much…

Who knows what the future of our tailgate holds?  Like everything else in my life right now, it’ll be a new, exciting experience.  Especially since @KellieGuinan won’t need to devote insane hours to prepare for the weekly extravaganzas.  Also, for the first time since I’ve known her, we will actually have free weekends in the fall.  Naturally, this means I’ll have a DVR full of other games, but it’ll be worth it to see what autumn looks like outside of Happy Valley.

As thrilled as I am with opening a new chapter in my life, I’m nervous about watching that first Beaver Stadium game that I am not a part of.  Since I was 6 years old, I have only missed 2 home games.  Will I get the shakes?  Will I cry?  Will I receive dozens of voicemails from the Pellagate crew?  I’ll just have to wait and see.

Over the years, Pellagate has had countless visitors and contributors.  Because of our size and outgoing nature (and generosity with the PBR), we have met plenty of great visiting fans.  Alabama and Iowa are the two fan bases that stand out.  Although the fact that we had one Pitt alumnus at a tailgate probably means I can consider him their “fan base.”  If that’s the case, Pitt wins since we’ve been friends since high school.

1.  Pitt fan

2.  Alabama fans

3.  Iowa fans with the crazy striped overalls

Thanks to social media and the whole internet craze, a lot of our visitors came via Twitter and the blog.  We got to know lots of fans, students, alumni, and all-around great people.  The sheer volume of such folks, combined with an increasingly hazy memory of names/Twitter handles makes them impossible to list.  Please know that your presence was always appreciated and the memories are always fond.  However, there are a few peeps that we got to hang out beyond the confines of Pellagate that deserve special mention.

onward state

Onward State giving JoePa's Doghouse some dap!

@drewBbalis has enjoyed many a drink with me and the Mrs at downtown establishments.  He’s a great dude and always seems to have a funny story to tell us.  Captain Onward State has his finger on the campus pulse and makes us feel young again when he gets into the trials and tribulations of college life.  We’ll never forget watching Drew and his (dare I say) sidekick @RBecklerPSU climbing over the fence to reach our Ohio State tailgate.

@TimTolleyFS made an immediate impression by bringing good bottles of beer to Pellagate.  (Hint: this is excellent tailgate etiquette)  Tim’s recruiting knowledge makes it hard for him to escape me and my father’s endless questions.  It is always great to pick Tim’s brain about Penn State, but he’s a groovy dude just to hang around with.  While he always seems to have a Plinko chip, I don’t think he’s ever had to do anything worse than call @UTrain_vgo.  Oh, and major bonus points for having a cool wife who went to Ohio State.  We didn’t know that was possible.

@evilbillobrien was perhaps the most anticipated Pellagate visitor ever.  Especially since @itsmeleighton never showed up… The man of mystery certainly did not disappoint.  Although he did get off on the wrong foot by being on the first team to beat me and @psubarton in beer pong in 2012.  If you have never met him, let me tell you that the wittiness of Evil Bill’s tweets does not stop there.  He’s a sharp dude who will definitely leave you laughing.  We had the pleasure of bar-hopping with Evil Bill and his better (less evil?) half a few months ago and it was a blast.

@The_Nit might be the only regular guest who had an impact on the Plinko board.  His Beachbody salesmanship got us into P90x and various other programs.  As a result, physical exercises found their way upon the board.  Warrior 3 is a bee-yotch when you’ve had a few beers, but it’s darn funny to watch other people try.  Geoff is probably the longest tenured Pellagater who we met through Twitter.  To his credit, he has hung out with us in real life too and he keeps coming back for more.  I guess that says something about us.  Or him.  Upon finding out that we’re moving to Michigan and wouldn’t have our usual set-up, Geoff promptly invited us to his Blue-White tailgate.  That’s the kind of guy he is.  Thanks, man!

We would like to thank everyone who has made it to one of our tailgates over the past six seasons.  We look forward to seeing all of you again, site to be determined.

Neither Mark Emmert nor a move to Michigan will kill Pellagate.

As far as the upcoming seasons, @KellieGuinan and I will return to a game or two each year.  We will also be attending several away games since we’re smack dab in the middle of B1G country now.  We’ll both remain active on Twitter and once we settle down, I’ll pick up with the JPDH posts again.  So if you’re headed to an away game, let us know.  We might be there too.

To reiterate, Pellagate is not dead.  It is losing its two biggest assets- @KellieGuinan and our house.  Three, if you count the beer pong table.  Four of the Top 15 assets if you include me.  What became a routinely 30+ person weekly event grew from the humble beginnings of @KellieGuinan and I sitting under the Music Building trees with our green folding picnic table and a tiny cooler.  It had to start somewhere.  Where it picks up from here remains to be seen.

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