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Blue-White Roundtable: Goin Rogue

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Well, at least you’re not Temple

Why not mix things up a bit after that tough loss. This week, the doggs went rogue and made up their own questions.

So, screw the good folks at Black Shoe Diaries. Some of these chickenheads might have answered these questions. Who knows? Check em out anyway!

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Follow the jump to read us doggs’ thoughts…

Question #1 Penn State fans love to overreact to losses. What would you tell someone who is on the ledge after the defensive meltdown against Central Florida?

The Underdogs: I would tell John Butler that even though he has yet to prove himself, he'll at least have the remainder of this season. And lucky for him his boss is his best friend.

Rowlff Dogg: I’d tell them to jump. If you’re too dumb to realize that Central Florida is a really good team with an extremely potent offense, then I don’t need to be conversing with you. What would all “the sky is falling” types say if UCF knocks off South Carolina this weekend?

J Schnauzer: First, Central Florida has the look and feel of an underrated team that will end up 11-2 and ranked in the Top 15. A perfectly thrown pass can not be defended, and there were some phenomenal plays between the UCF quarterback and his receivers. We won't see that level of skill from opposing QBs and WRs many times this season. Lastly, it's the third defensive coordinator in as many years. Some inconsistency is inevitable. As the season progresses, the system will become more familiar to the players and we can see things calm down.

Question #2 A lot has been made about Penn State's attendance numbers being down this year. What do you believe is the main cause? How would you fix it?

The Underdogs: Being thousands of miles away, I'm not familiar with the specifics of STEP like Rowlff. and since he posed the question, I'm guessing he'll be grinding some axes below. Drop prices on the upper deck seats. Who cares if they’re virtually given away, you make it up on the back end with concession sales from an extra 20,000 people.

Rowlff Dogg: STEP is a big factor. The cost of travelling to a game (not even factoring in STEP) is another big factor. However, all that wouldn’t matter if the Board of Trustees didn’t bungle everything, bend over to the NCAA, and act like the complete jagoffs that they are. After Joe Paterno fatigued the fanbase into thinking an 8 or 9 win season was acceptable, any breath of fresh air was going to be welcome. If Bill O’Brien didn’t have the sanctions handicapping him, we would already be a strong Big Ten contender with an eye on the national scene. What am I getting at? Winning. Winning and truly believing that we could win a national championship. That is what it takes to fill a 100,000+ seat stadium.

J Schnauzer: Firstly some perspective, 95,000 is still A LOT OF PEOPLE. That's more than can fit in the Rose Bowl, 10,000 more than any NFL stadium, twice the number that can fit for a St. Louis Cardinals game. The aesthetic issue is that 15,000 empty seats looks bad. I think the main cause is the economy and the twelfth game. Going from 5-6 home games a season to 7-8 games a season means people have to shell out 40% more than they did eight years ago to see every home game. That's 40% more for rooms, 40% more in gas, 40% more for drinks and hot dogs, and far more than 40% more for parking passes and tickets. It's a bigger commitment of both free time and spending cash. The solution is simple: cut prices to be more in line with the market.

Question #3 The MAC has got to be, like, the most boring conference ever. Let's assume that the devil (Dave Joyner) signs a deal with The Devil and Penn State has to do the unthinkable: travel to a MAC opponent. What team would you like to travel to? What team would you hate to travel to?

The Underdogs: Easy. UMass. The rest are all located in hell with the two devils making deals. At least I could get a Boston trip out of it and make it a long weekend.

Rowlff Dogg: Western Michigan wins this because of 3 simple words. Bell’s. Eccentric. Café. They have so many of their styles that you can’t get anywhere else and they’re all delicious. Ok, maybe not all of them, but I give them credit for not being afraid to be experimental. It’s also a tremendous setting to put in a shift.

The worst has to be Ball State. There is no way that Muncie, Indiana is cool in any way.

J Schnauzer: Although Miami of Ohio would be a short drive from my home, I'd have to give it to Ohio University. I've heard Ohio is a nice campus and that Athens is a beautiful town (pic).

Every Ohio University fan I've met reminds me of Penn Staters, including their disdain for the Buckeyes. I also think Ohio's coach, Frank Solich, got a raw deal when he was dropped by Nebraska. NU has dealt with the consequences since then. Oh, and their mascot punched Brutus the Buckeye in the face. Mad respect.

My least favorite would be Northern Illinois. Aside from the Chicago and the East Dubuque/Galena bratwurst belt in the extreme northwest corner of the state, Illinois is the least interesting state in the country. We already have Illinois, no need to visit it's directional lesser brother.

Question #4 Obligatory Kent State Question: Dri Archer is a pretty rad name. Sterling Archer is an even cooler name. Since Archer was obviously influenced by James Bond...What is your favorite Bond movie?

The Underdogs: As somebody who has the complete Blu-Ray set, I feel it would give away my Bond nerd street cred to say Casino Royale. So if that doesnt count I'll say For Your Eyes Only. Skyfall sucked.

Rowlff Dogg: You Only Live Twice. Things were definitely getting hokey in the Bond films at this point, though not as eye-rolling as some Roger Moore installments. You Only Live Twice has a great intro sequence and Bond flies a totally dope helicopter into a volcano. Damn, now I want to fire up some Goldeneye on an N64!

J Schnauzer: Casino Royale is bar none the best James Bond film, but that's also its failing. Between Goldfinger and Casino Royale is a 40 year band of what I'd call "true" Bond films. Bombastic, poorly written, preposterous, and filled with gadgets, hot cars, and hot women. A great Bond film is like the best B-grade movie ever made. For me, the best "true" Bond film is Moonraker. It's like James Bond's response to the Star Wars craze. Roger Moore is unflappable in the most unbelievable script of all time, but there are plenty of lasers, shots of Richard Keil as the assassin Jaws, and Hugo Drax wanting to turn the Earth into a haven of "beautiful people." It's glorious nonsense.

Oh yeah. How about a score prediction?

The Underdogs: 34-9

Rowlff Dogg: Kent State is just what Penn State needs. They roll into their bye week with a big 43-13 win.

J Schnauzer: Point of pride: I've hit the nose on the spread two weeks in a row. Penn State by 38 over Eastern Michigan and UCF by 3 over Penn State. This is coming off the least educated offseason I've had around Penn State football. I'm like the person who correctly guesses all 1st round picks in March Madness after selecting my favorite mascots. I'll try for three in a row this weekend: Penn State 38, Kent State 17.

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