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JoePa's Doghouse is formed from many late nights of phone calls, frantically hurried texts in the middle of commercial breaks, and many early mornings of email being traded back and forth.  It derives from many road trips both to and away from Central Pennsylvania.  It comes from feeling that different points of view should be celebrated and appreciated instead of disregarded. It is born from the feeling that we have something to say, knowing that we're dumb enough to try it, and frankly, not caring whether anyone hears us.

Our goal is to add some fun to the general antipathy as a Penn State football fan, mostly directed at each other.  We won't always be nice, we won't always be right, but we will always strive to provide perspective that is unique and productive.  Although we care deeply for the game, we recognize that it's just a game.  We feel that irreverence and humor is one of the best methods of defusing some of the unnecessary seriousness in sports, but we also respect how much you care for the game.  We feel it too.  We hope to be successful and that you join us here from time to time.

Firstly, we feel it's important to describe what we're NOT. We're not Black Shoe Diaries, Fight on State, Linebacker-U, or any of a number of quality PSU blogs. We respect these blogs, we love many of the things that they do, we refer to many of them on a daily basis, and we feel no need to re-invent the wheel.  We are also not affiliated with Penn State in any official capacity. This blog is not formed out of malice: we just feel we have something new and different to add to one of the most dynamic blogging communities in sports.

There are three of us that are beginning the blog.  A brief introduction: we are all three graduates of The Pennsylvania State University who became friends at school, attended many of the same classes, and even shared many a bottle of Jaegermeister while living together in Rome, Italy.  Although we have all moved on from our student lives into the professional world, we feel our experience as students at PSU to be one of the best in our lives.

Rowlff Dogg is our local resource now living year-round in State College.  His main interests are historical team/player comparisons, recruiting of PA/OH/NJ/MD players, general game observations, national game observations, tailgating, offseason musings, and utilizing his University training to create timeless Adobe Photoshop images of Michigan and Ohio State personnel.

The Underdogs fulfills our PSU blog obligation for having at least one member who lives in the state of Texas.  He is most interested in the Xs and Os as it relates specifically to PSU--drawing the plays and discussing about why they worked or didn't work.  He also adds national perspective to recruiting.

J. Schnauzer lives in Missouri and attempts to put his penchant for recalling little-known facts into some productive use.  He is most interested in outside the box thinking about PSU and the Big Ten, combining odd little statistics or contributions that individually don't indicate a lot, but together reveal quite a bit.  He also likes general commentary about games, but more in a big picture sense as it relates to other teams in the Big Ten and in the rest of the PSU season.

This blog will evolve over time, but we will always try to adhere to these original goals.  Thanks.

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  1. Hey, what’s your email address?

  2. I look forward to many obscure historical references.

    If Erwin Rommel was a dog…………….what kind of a dog would he be?

  3. first, I’m a Buckeye who is feeling your pain. second and worst of all, as a Buckeye and a former student at B.G.S.U. My beloved Buckeyes are about to be Rodriguezed!! Urban Meyer is the biggest liar and most unfaithful coach in history. Anyone who lies like Meyer does is probably shady too. Just what OSU needs. I believe Ohio State is going alienize a lot of Northwest Ohio Fans. I need a school to root for. But who do you trust

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