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The Bowl of Pure Evil

todd and the book of pure evil

College football's regular season has come and gone.  The bowls are still a few days away.  So, how are we supposed to pass the time?

I'm still a bit bummed about Tim Frazier's injury, so I've turned to Streaming Netflix.  Recently, I've had the pleasure of watching three excellent shows: Blue Mountain State, Archer, and thanks to @t_money495 's suggestion: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.

In the meantime, we invite you to play along with the doggs in our annual bowl challenge.  Winner gets to say they found Todd and the Book of Pure Evil all by themselves.

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Group Name:  The Bowl of Pure Evil

Password: Crowley


Who I’m Rooting For: Part I

Bowl games are like episodes of ALF.  You know it’s silly and meaningless, but you have to watch.  After all, like ALF re-runs, these games are a finite item.  After game #35, there is no more football until spring games.  And if you schedule like Tim Curley does, there is no real football until the second week of the 2011 season.

Like anyone that walks upright, I hate that bowl games exist in place of a playoff.  I hate that the argument for their existence is shrouded in “tradition.”  B-a-l-o-n-e-y.  What is traditional about TCU in the Rose Bowl?  How does a January 7th kickoff honor the grand tradition of the Cotton Bowl?  How does a helicopter get its name on a bowl game, yet Poulon Weedeater not have a sponsorship???

I’ll argue until I’m blue in the face about the problems with the bowls.  Still, with the season’s finish line in sight and Penn State’s usual pitiful hardwood product staring me in the face, you’d better believe I’ll be tuned into each and every one of these puppies!

So, to give these games more spice, I’ve decided to share my rooting interest in each of the 35 illustrious gridiron contests.  Well, how about 12 of them for now...